AndroidManifest.xml “coreApp” attribute

I am playing with AOSP to build my own android. What I want to do is make my own IME as the only IME on system. Everything is fine till encryption is invoked.

Well, after encrypting, the system reboots and asks  me to provide PIN for Data partition decryption. It is strange that I could not input my PIN code due to the fact that there is no Soft Keyboard pop up!!! I have to plug my hardware keyboard with OTG cable to pass this phase.

After a long journey, I found that Android Framework just load needed applications called core application. What make an application is core app ? There is an attribute defined in AndroidManifest.xml named “coreApp” and it should be set to true in order to load my own IME app. It seems that the feature has been available from Honeycomb (3.0).

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